Summer classes


Summer class info:

Where: Little 5 Points Community Center, Studio 202 (third floor)

Studio Saturdays: 6 Weeks
When: Saturdays June 29th-August 3rd 10-12:30

What: This class time can be used for three different purposes.  It will be an intermediate Life Drawing class with longer poses, more time to draw and more advanced demonstrations; it will also be second session for my oil painting students who can paint from the models or bring in their own subject matter, and also it will serve as an open studio class for those who want to add some structure and feedback to their studio time.

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Portfolio Intensive: 2 weeks
When: July 8th-20th
M/W/F 10am-12:30pm
What:   This class will focus on drawing skills needed to support portfolio building for college applications but would also be a good beginning drawing class.  Classes will included studies of interiors, still life studies and portraits with an emphasis on processes which create accuracy and conviction. We will practice drawing accuracy using line and shape, understanding value and texture in relation to form, linear perspective and the language of design/composition.

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Classes are $225

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