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Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Archival prints of the original oil painting are 8" x 10" on MOAB entrada rag bright white paper.  Price includes shipping within the U.S. From now through December, 15% of sales will be donated to Fair Fight Action.

  • About this piece

    The day after her passing, I painted this portrait.  Painting for me is a way of coping and honoring a loss. Painting someone's face is a great lesson in listening and is so instructive. I have the feeling I am learning about and reading her story--I experienced in turn the piercing intelligence, the softness, and the steely determination. Faces are never still for me when I look at them, and that animation is part of what comes out. Hope it can find a home in the world where her spirit will continue to inspire.

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